Affective is a
strategic and creative agency dedicated to brand merchandise.

We make brands impactful and remarkable through meaningful media objects that embody your values.

With the firm belief that the merchandising industry must challenge itself to remain a strategic lever for brands, we have decided to act, to liberate the object, to reconnect with meaning and common sense, and to support our clients with kindness and advice.

Aware that often, revolutions don’t happen in one day, our approach of continuous improvement is based on transparency and a plurality of solutions. To do better is first to give the freedom to choose.

Aurélien Chiquet

Founding Partner

Benjamin Stetten-Pigasse

Founding Partner

Charles-Henri Carton

Founding Partner

Our Values


A desire for discovery that drives us to ask the right questions, to constantly enrich our knowledge, to explore the know-how of yesterday and tomorrow in France and around the world.


Our cardinal value, the pillar of our approach, to give our clients and end users every reason to love our product: where it was made, by whom, and how.


Our history, values and ambitions set us apart from our competitors. Insubordinate by nature, we aim to revolutionize the marketing and advertising product market.

Some details

Office in Boulogne-Billancourt
Office in Lille
52 employees
70% 30%

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